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Warts are skin growths that are caused by a viral infection that reside in the outer layer of the skin. To date there are over 150 different subtypes of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) accounting for different growth patterns and resistance to various kinds of treatments. Warts are commonly seen in children where the skin and immune system are naïve to this type of infection.

Warts generally grow on the hands, fingers, feet, and toes and come in variety of shapes and sizes. Some may be flat and some may resemble a cauliflower and can be very tender. Regardless of their nature they are ugly and can spread and so most people elect to get rid of them.

What can I do about my warts?

The method of treatment depends on the age of the patient, location, type of wart, and patient’s overall pain threshold. Pain? Unfortunately, Yes. Sometimes when it comes to the treatment of warts if there is no pain there is no gain. The most effective treatments are those that destroy the host tissue around the HPV infected skin. Treatments that destroy the skin can cause irritation and blisters and can be temporally uncomfortable. Other treatment modalities require an injection into the skin around the wart to stimulate the immune response to attack the virus. Regardless of the treatment modality there is destruction and mild to severe discomfort.

Frankly, there are an abundance of treatment modalities out there and there is no single treatment that is uniformly effective for everyone. Experience has shown that some warts respond differently than others. An exam and discussion with Dr. Peterson can help determine what effective treatment is the right one for you.